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Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch WIP

So I started this a while ago but have been pretty busy since I’m preparing for a move across country (2k miles!) and have had the normal spring allergy woes.  But I have been working on my patch in the evenings when I manage to stay awake long enough.

This was not an easy patch to design as none of the available backgrounds matched the theme of the girl (pink/psychic) and the purple rocks only kind of match the ninja’s theme (purple/poison) but some creative Photoshop tweaks made it all work out – on screen at least. I’m not sure how well the pink colors charted out with the DMC threads, so I’m waiting to do that part last in case I have to redo the colors. Continue reading


Patchwork gym: 1st patch DONE

I finished my first patch on Tuesday but didn’t have time to write anything until tonight. I’m really happy with how it came out – all the colors are right (finally).

Sycther & Pinsir Patch - done

The project is going really well, we only have 17 unclaimed patches left and 5 completed patches, all of which look fantastic. I think seeing the finished pieces really helps.