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Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch halfway there

3 more days of work put in got me halfway finished. I washed the Aida cloth so it would make a pretty photo.

Now for the hard part : /


Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch WIP

So I started this a while ago but have been pretty busy since I’m preparing for a move across country (2k miles!) and have had the normal spring allergy woes.  But I have been working on my patch in the evenings when I manage to stay awake long enough.

This was not an easy patch to design as none of the available backgrounds matched the theme of the girl (pink/psychic) and the purple rocks only kind of match the ninja’s theme (purple/poison) but some creative Photoshop tweaks made it all work out – on screen at least. I’m not sure how well the pink colors charted out with the DMC threads, so I’m waiting to do that part last in case I have to redo the colors. Continue reading

Completed: Sam & Max project


resized & cleaned source image

I finished stitching this over a month ago but since it was a gift for a friend I didn’t want to publish any photos until I gave it to her.

It took a lot of time to graph this out – I had to resize it from the original and then had to add all the details that were lost in resizing as backstitches. Then it took even longer to stitch it – working on dark fabric is really hard, especially in winter when there is no sunlight to help you after 5pm.

Even though I made some mistakes (nothing major) I’m really happy with how it turned out. Sadly I forgot to image it before we framed it so there’s some glare in the photos, but the finished piece looks great.
Click “more” for the photos and a link to the pattern.

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Patchwork gym: 1st patch WIP

gen I bugs.

patch 1

I joined the co-lab project Patchwork Gym – a fundraiser for the tsunami/earthquake victims of Northern Japan. The idea is to make a series of quilts based on the Pokémon games. The first quilt is based on of the generation I games (Red/Blue/Yellow) and will include the Pokémon and gym leaders from those games. Each patch is a 5″x5″ cross stitched piece of 70×70 stitches.
The Gym still needs volunteers, so please visit the web site if you can help! Continue reading