The Sony Hacks

I’m going to leave the crafts for a bit to comment on the recent attacks and hacks that have happened to Sony lately. There has been a lot of press coverage blaming Sony for what happened. I understand that people are upset, heck I’ve been part of the PlayStation Network since the ’90’s, but I don’t blame Sony. I blame the hackers (and their customers).

It was going to happen sooner or later and while I wish Sony had taken better precautions and been more forthright with what had happened the fact remains that this is not their fault. Yes, they could have handled it better and sure they could have had better security but are they really to blame?

Nothing is safe online. If your computer is connected to the internet then it is not “safe.” I don’t care what kind of virus scan, firewalls, or other measures you take your data is available to anyone willing to take the time and effort to get at it. Luckily for most of us we do not have much that’s worth that amount of time and effort. Sony’s database was worth the effort – but that’s only because there’s a market (which is another serious issue).

In short: a company can take hundreds of measures and spend lots of money trying to protect their data from hackers but it only takes one successful attack to null all of that effort. It’s a losing battle for the data-holder from the start, the best way to keep safe is to stay under the radar… or offline.


Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch halfway there

3 more days of work put in got me halfway finished. I washed the Aida cloth so it would make a pretty photo.

Now for the hard part : /

Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch WIP

So I started this a while ago but have been pretty busy since I’m preparing for a move across country (2k miles!) and have had the normal spring allergy woes.  But I have been working on my patch in the evenings when I manage to stay awake long enough.

This was not an easy patch to design as none of the available backgrounds matched the theme of the girl (pink/psychic) and the purple rocks only kind of match the ninja’s theme (purple/poison) but some creative Photoshop tweaks made it all work out – on screen at least. I’m not sure how well the pink colors charted out with the DMC threads, so I’m waiting to do that part last in case I have to redo the colors. Continue reading

Patchwork gym: 1st patch DONE

I finished my first patch on Tuesday but didn’t have time to write anything until tonight. I’m really happy with how it came out – all the colors are right (finally).

Sycther & Pinsir Patch - done

The project is going really well, we only have 17 unclaimed patches left and 5 completed patches, all of which look fantastic. I think seeing the finished pieces really helps.

Completed: Sam & Max project


resized & cleaned source image

I finished stitching this over a month ago but since it was a gift for a friend I didn’t want to publish any photos until I gave it to her.

It took a lot of time to graph this out – I had to resize it from the original and then had to add all the details that were lost in resizing as backstitches. Then it took even longer to stitch it – working on dark fabric is really hard, especially in winter when there is no sunlight to help you after 5pm.

Even though I made some mistakes (nothing major) I’m really happy with how it turned out. Sadly I forgot to image it before we framed it so there’s some glare in the photos, but the finished piece looks great.
Click “more” for the photos and a link to the pattern.

Continue reading

Patchwork gym: 1st patch WIP

gen I bugs.

patch 1

I joined the co-lab project Patchwork Gym – a fundraiser for the tsunami/earthquake victims of Northern Japan. The idea is to make a series of quilts based on the Pokémon games. The first quilt is based on of the generation I games (Red/Blue/Yellow) and will include the Pokémon and gym leaders from those games. Each patch is a 5″x5″ cross stitched piece of 70×70 stitches.
The Gym still needs volunteers, so please visit the web site if you can help! Continue reading


T3chn0Crafter: Start.
This blog was built to log:

♦ My personal craft projects
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♦ Etc.

As the site grows it is likely to change but that’s the general plan and I hope you enjoy it.