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Timelapse: Spyro the Dragon

Servo is rather famous on the Sprite Stitch board for making awesome timelapse GIFS of his cross stitch pieces so I figured I’d try doing one of my own. This is my second square that I made for the Child’s Play 2012 Charity Quilt. Enjoy the show.

timelapse animated gif

I need to post a giant catch-up post at some point as well…


So Good, it had to be shared…

Sprite Stitch Board newcomer BenW posted an awesome project (and pattern!) using a quote from Portal 2’s Cave Johnson:

Thanks BenW!


I started Grad School back in August and things have been a whirlwind of activity. I have been crafting but have not had a chance to post about it here. So this is my catch up post! It’s only a few months over due…

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Back to School Contest

The Sprite Stitch Board announced their latest contest and I think I’ll participate since it’s pretty damn fitting. The theme is “back to school” and one thing came to mind almost instantaneously. I’m going to try and finish the pattern this weekend and stitch it on my road-trip across country…  stitching in the car isn’t easy but it can be done!

It will also make a great apartment warming gift… for myself.


T3chn0Crafter: Start.
This blog was built to log:

♦ My personal craft projects
♦ Interesting tech-related items
♦ Cool crafts
♦ Etc.

As the site grows it is likely to change but that’s the general plan and I hope you enjoy it.