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Timelapse: Spyro the Dragon

Servo is rather famous on the Sprite Stitch board for making awesome timelapse GIFS of his cross stitch pieces so I figured I’d try doing one of my own. This is my second square that I made for the Child’s Play 2012 Charity Quilt. Enjoy the show.

timelapse animated gif

I need to post a giant catch-up post at some point as well…



I started Grad School back in August and things have been a whirlwind of activity. I have been crafting but have not had a chance to post about it here. So this is my catch up post! It’s only a few months over due…

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Other people doing (my) awesome work

So way back in June of 2010 I put together this great template for a cross stitch pattern I wanted to stitch called “Epic Mario Thru the Ages.” I quickly realized that there was NO WAY I had the time or patience to do the piece – it was huge, has tons of colors, and I was working full-time.  But I put the image on the Sprite Stitch Board knowing that *someone* would want to do it.

Sure enough – a lot of people showed interest and user Osmosis was good enough to make a pattern based off of my image. A little more than a year later and the first piece was finished by user  tetris<3 (who was also nice enough to PM me)!! She posted photos of her finished work (page 7) and made me want to pick up this project again! (someday… maybe).

I’m super impressed by both her talent/persistence/etc and how well the pattern worked. I know there are others out there working on this pattern and I hope her example encourages you to finish (or start) an Epic cross stitch of your own. All photos of the completed pattern are from tetris<3s work  – please visit the boards if you want the pattern.

– kuja.girl

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Back to School Contest

The Sprite Stitch Board announced their latest contest and I think I’ll participate since it’s pretty damn fitting. The theme is “back to school” and one thing came to mind almost instantaneously. I’m going to try and finish the pattern this weekend and stitch it on my road-trip across country…  stitching in the car isn’t easy but it can be done!

It will also make a great apartment warming gift… for myself.

Catch up post

I’ve been AWOL for almost two months, sorry about that. Preparing to move across country means spending the time I have left with friends or packing when I’m not playing games or reading.

Anyhow – finished my second and last Pokemon Patchwork Gym patch sometime in March. It came out pretty good.

Also made a coworker a stuffie to keep her spirits up while she works through some family medical stuff. She’s been out longer than expected so it’s just sitting on her desk for now. I had to relearn how to crochet but I think it was worth it.

Original pattern from More Softies Only a Mother Could Love – except I made it half sized.

Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch halfway there

3 more days of work put in got me halfway finished. I washed the Aida cloth so it would make a pretty photo.

Now for the hard part : /

Patchwork gym: 2nd Patch WIP

So I started this a while ago but have been pretty busy since I’m preparing for a move across country (2k miles!) and have had the normal spring allergy woes.  But I have been working on my patch in the evenings when I manage to stay awake long enough.

This was not an easy patch to design as none of the available backgrounds matched the theme of the girl (pink/psychic) and the purple rocks only kind of match the ninja’s theme (purple/poison) but some creative Photoshop tweaks made it all work out – on screen at least. I’m not sure how well the pink colors charted out with the DMC threads, so I’m waiting to do that part last in case I have to redo the colors. Continue reading