I started Grad School back in August and things have been a whirlwind of activity. I have been crafting but have not had a chance to post about it here. So this is my catch up post! It’s only a few months over due…

Preparing for School

I did a few things before I left California to prepare for school. Nothing special, just small things to make the new apartment feel more like home when I got there.

I embroidered some towels with some of the free designs from Andrea Zuilli’s  Bad Bird Blog.

Here’s one of them, a cute little gnome!

My entry in the “back to school contest” on the Sprite Stitch Forum was completed and hung on my wall. You can view all of the entries, and the winner, here.

I am never doing 28 count stitches ever again.

Moving 2,000 miles…

And had to decorate my apartment. I covered some throw pillows, rewired an old lamp, and made this necklace holder out frame sample I bought at the IDEA Store.

I think it looks pretty nice and it cost me all of 50 cents :)

Gifts: made and received

I entered the 2011 Sept/Oct Mini-Swap on the Sprite Stitch Board. The round-up of all the gifts from the swap can be found in the compiled thread.

I got an awesome bookmark from Philpepe which I put to immediate good use. It made my readings much more fun!

I made a hussif for my swappie, Amneufeld, who loves Harvest Moon.

The front.

The inside.

The front/back once it’s unwrapped.

Then I made a pair of gifts for two of my friends back home for x-mas. I found these cool burlap pouches at Hobby Lobby that seemed perfect for some needlework so I went to work. You can’t see the lining I put on the inside, it was too hard to try to photograph the inside one-handed sorry!

Robot Unicorn Attack! (Pattern)

Ghost Trick (I made this Pattern)


I made a lot of patterns over the past four months too…

And Mistress Zero finished stitching my Samus pattern and kindly posted a photo (complete with cat hair).

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