Other people doing (my) awesome work

So way back in June of 2010 I put together this great template for a cross stitch pattern I wanted to stitch called “Epic Mario Thru the Ages.” I quickly realized that there was NO WAY I had the time or patience to do the piece – it was huge, has tons of colors, and I was working full-time.  But I put the image on the Sprite Stitch Board knowing that *someone* would want to do it.

Sure enough – a lot of people showed interest and user Osmosis was good enough to make a pattern based off of my image. A little more than a year later and the first piece was finished by user  tetris<3 (who was also nice enough to PM me)!! She posted photos of her finished work (page 7) and made me want to pick up this project again! (someday… maybe).

I’m super impressed by both her talent/persistence/etc and how well the pattern worked. I know there are others out there working on this pattern and I hope her example encourages you to finish (or start) an Epic cross stitch of your own. All photos of the completed pattern are from tetris<3s work  – please visit the boards if you want the pattern.

– kuja.girl

    • Chris Young
    • August 31st, 2011

    That looks pretty sweet… next you should try the evolution of Zelda and eventually some of the other great games that were a big hit, who know’s…you might have a business out of it someday.

  1. Zelda would be a great one except that there were not as many graphical upgrades with Link’s power-ups so it would be pretty short :)
    Still might be worth a try, thanks for the suggestion.

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